Ku-ring-gai Historical Society Inc
incorporating the
Ku-ring-gai Family History Group

SNAP Ku-ring-gai

SNAP is a Ku-ring-gai Historical Society initiative, launched on Australia Day 2004.

The aim is to capture the present look of Ku-ring-gai. The area is changing inevitably. We want to capture the current appearance as a record for the future.

We ask you to take a photograph of your house and send us a copy – with negative if possible. Black and white or colour, conventional or digital format, we will accept anything. Photographs of the same house in former times are also most welcome. If your neighbour is without a camera, take one of their house too and send it along. In fact, if you can do the whole street, we would be very excited to have such riches, particularly if you could also include the streetscape! In particular, if you know of an impending development or redevelopment, take a photo now.

We are also interested in photos of houses which have been demolished – if you have photos in the family album of past Ku-ring-gai homes and buildings, we would be most grateful to accept a copy for our research collection.

Please print and provide us with a completed photo donation form Snap 2004/2005 (PDF) when you send your photos!